I am constantly trying to squeeze in as much time for reading as possible. I have been a bit ‘off’ with books since starting uni because of the sheer amount of reading that I am already doing – but reading books for fun not only lets me disappear into a completely different world, it also trains me to focus on my academic reading.
Because I am deep down a competitive idiot, I decided to keep a list of books I have read. I will possibly review them, if that is something people would be into and then a link will appear at the title. Also, feel free to recommend a book!

2018/2019 books in alphabetical order (6)

A. Aciman: Call Me By Your Name
J. Baldwin: Giovanni’s Room
A. Chekov: A Nervous Breakdown (short stories)
F. Dostoyevsky: The House of The Dead
K. Hosseini: The Kite Runner

K. Ormerod: Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life
W. Shakespeare: Macbeth