Open for business

Before I embark on a massive, never-ending rant disguised as political and social commentary, I thought I would clear up some things first. It makes things more simple, and we like simple. And it will remind me of why I was doing this if I ever get sidetracked and start blabbering about my fancy new toothpaste or something along those lines. Off we go!

Who the fuck are you?

My name’s Julie. At the time of writing, I am 21 years old and studying BA European Politics. Do I like politicians? No. Do I want to be a politician? Also no. But this is not gonna stop me from throwing my opinions out in cyberspace. I live in some village they call London, where pedestrians have a death wish and your nostrils turn black from the smog.

Why are you doing this again?

Because I am angry. No, seriously. The raw amount of political inaction has proved to me that politics do align with the universe; infinite and always expanding. We DO NOT HAVE THE TIME. I am trying to do something about this, don’t get me wrong. Activism is my jam. But sometimes you just need to shout into the void and hope that someone resonates with you. Or piss people you don’t know off.

What will this blog be about?

I will try to balance it out. On one hand, I want to talk about all the events and do all of the political analysing and criticism and finger-pointing. On the other hand, I also want to dig deeper and see what is going on with life in general. The personal is political, so to say. I suppose we will go with a nice combo – key words to expect will probably be minimalism, low waste, FIRE, climate crisis, student life, writing. And politics. Always, in one way or another.

What’s wrong with your English?

First of all, I got tested and I can do the English. Go ask Cambridge Language Assessment yourself.
Jokes aside – English is not my first language. My native language is spoken by, like, 5 people, so I write wonky stuff or get words mixed up sometimes. Be patient, young one.

What’s up with the name?

First of all, I figured this out at 1.30 AM when I couldn’t sleep. I thought about politics and the British House of Commons, had a good laugh to myself about ‘commons’ and ‘commoners’, and then decided to roll with it.

What else do you do? (aRe yOu BiAsEd???)

You will only find objective writings in my essays, mate. That being said, I get it. I do activism to gain attention about our climate emergency, I have a job in retail (more about that) to pay my rent, and then I also work freelance next to my studies. I come from a country where we pay a lot of tax and have a lot of services provided by the government, which I think is a good idea to a certain extent. It doesn’t mean I have lost all critical sense in my brain about these topics and I always love to have a good chat about it.

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